Living is Christ, Dying is Gain

Living is Christ, Dying is Gain

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A new four-session course for small groups based on Bishop Steven’s reflections on the book of Philippians. In this new and challenging season for the church, we are returning to the centre and rediscovering what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ in small groups and along simpler paths.

None of us would have chosen this journey in this way. But that does not mean that we have nothing to learn. Paul calls the Philippians out of lockdown to return to Christ as the centre and the pattern of their faith: to be contemplative, compassionate and courageous no matter what they are facing. The same call comes to us.

Living is Christ, Dying is Gain will be helpful to individuals and small groups of Christians meeting together online or in person in the coming months. Readers and small groups will, again, hear the simple call of Christ: follow me.

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