Death Life handbook

Death Life handbook

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Well Prepared Course Handbook by Joanna Collicutt

Publication date: Tuesday 27 November

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As a society we aren’t good at talking about death, and as individuals we too often try and avoid thinking about it.

The result is that people who know death is near can feel desperately lonely. Joanna Collicutt has devised a six week course to enable minsters and pastoral leaders prepare people for death.

The Well Prepared course sessions are on:

  • Be prepared
  • The story of my life
  • Planning my funeral
  • The last days
  • Departing in peace
  • What comes next? 
The Well Prepared Course Handbook is a comprehensive guide for the minsters and pastoral leaders who take on leading a Well Prepared course. It encourages reflection on why to run a course, when to do it, where it should be held, who you could, how you should run it and what you need to have in place as well details of the six sessions.