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Together in Love and Faith

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In November 2020, the Church of England published a comprehensive set of resources on the theme of human sexuality: Living in Love & Faith. In his own contribution to the next stage of discernment, Steven Croft considers arguably the most pressing question: the Church of England’s response to same-sex relationships.

Sharing his personal journey from parish ministry in Yorkshire to serving as bishop in the Diocese of Oxford, and recounting poignant conversations with the LGBTQ+ community and conservative Christian groups, Bishop Steven offers spiritual reflections and practical suggestions on this challenging topic.

The Church has been exploring questions around human sexuality for more than a decade. Much has changed in our wider culture, but little has changed within the Church of England. Now is the time to move towards a resolution.

Paper version sold out. PDF here: oxford.anglican.org/LLF

Published 4 November 2022

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