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Flourishing Together in Church Leadership


OOPS! If you're looking for the Love Your Church case study, go here: https://www.oxford.anglican.org/growing-a-culture-of-gratitude-in-your-church.php


40pp A5 booklet. £1 incl. p&p

Flourishing Together in Church Leadership is for everyone who exercises a leadership role in the local church, whatever it may be.

Flourishing Together is primarily written for churchwardens, PCC members, deanery lay chairs and others in recognised leadership roles in their churches. It will also, we hope, be a useful resource for those in other church leadership roles and those considering taking up a leadership role in their local church.

The booklet offers resources and suggestions for good practice in sharing leadership with ordained colleagues and guidance as to what parishes can reasonably expect of their clergy and lay ministers.

Find out more at oxford.anglican.org/flourishing-together

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