Parish Planning Tool - paid version

Parish Planning Tool - paid version

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The Parish Planning Tool 

Note: a single pack of the Parish Planning Tool is made available to each parish or benefice in the Diocese of Oxford and each deanery free of charge. To order a free copy, please use this link

This paid version of the pack is available to anyone wanting their own copy of the Parish Planning Tool. 


Our new Parish Planning Tool will help you recognise where God is already at work in your community and suggests the questions you need to answer to find out how you can best join in.

Local churches aren’t a problem that need fixing. The new Parish Planning Tool, developed by the Diocese of Oxford, helps people to focus on the positive core that’s there in every church, discern where God is already at work in their community, and discover how they can best join in.

What is it?

At the core of the Parish Planning Tool is a pack of cards, complete with facilitator guidelines, that guide groups to think through what it means for them to become more Christ-like.

The pack includes a quick-start process for first timers as well as optional cards and facilitator notes for more advanced work. Missional creativity cards keep the process fun and engaging and encourage the group to distinguish between good ideas and God ideas. The pack includes a link to additional online resources from the Diocese of Oxford.

Who is it for?

The Parish Planning Tool is suitable for small groups, PCCs, whole-church meetings and Deanery Synods. Parish Development Advisors are on hand if needed to support the process or even facilitate sessions but with a little bit of planning and preparation anyone from the parish lead sessions using the pack.