Death and Life

Have you ever known families that are unable to talk about death when their loved one is dying?  Does it seem as though preparing for death is something people are left to do on their own, if they ever do it at all?

Research by Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt and Revd Dr Victoria Slater has shown that many older people long to talk about the practical and spiritual aspects of death and dying, yet all too often they find others are reluctant to have these conversations. The result is that those near the end of their lives can feel isolated and distressed as they go through the ultimate passing.

Death Life is a suite of resources to enable people to lead discussions on death and dying within churches and community groups. 

The material has been tested, evaluated and academically-approved. It’s suitable for adults who know they are near death as well as those who simply want to live more fully in the here and now.

The resources are rooted in faith and theologically substantial but can be adapted for those from a variety or faith backgrounds or none.

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